I have been thinking about things today in relation to International Holocaust Day and I decided to write a short article for a work newsletter in rememberance of all those who died in the Holocaust. I have taken care to mention quite a few of the concentration camps as well.  Of course although I am editor of the Newsletter it will have to be sanctioned and approved by my boss. But I have written it so that it should pass the work censor. I will be furious if they object to it. There is so much ignorance at work.  I think it is imperative that we do rememeber what happened. I am no expert. I am very much learning all about world war two this year. But at least in my own small way, if I can reach out to others via the work newsletter that this must never be forgotten then I shall feel at least I have done something. Not much I know, and far far too little. But I think it is important we should ALL remember.
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